Friday, February 5, 2010

Say Cheese

I'm fascinated by vintage cameras. They produce unique pictures and they just look fun and retro. Take this remake of a classic camera. It makes me want to get out in the world and start snapping away! I'm afraid real photographs printed on glossy paper are being replaced by digital computer files. I love digging through boxes of old photos from when I was a kid. My sisters and I used to sit in the dark and watch slide shows of old family photos. I can't help but wonder, are our kids just going to have to click through computer files to see memories? Will they even know what film is?

I'm looking into buying one of these vintage remakes. There are quite a few over at Urban Outfitters. It's a little overwhelming. Does anyone have any good tips? Do you own a Holga or a Diana?



molly said...

Hello Taylor! You are the lucky winner of the CardsInk giveaway from My Favorite Things. Please email ASAP so we can get your shipping address.


tianevo said...