Friday, August 27, 2010


I absolutely love football season. There's something about kicking back on Sundays and watching the games that screams autumn, tailgating, and fantasy football to me. That being said, I think the options for athletic apparel to support my team are somewhat limited. Most gear made for girls is either pink, rhinestone-embellished, or both (yikes!). Lucky for me and my fellow football-loving girls out there, Victoria's Secret has just launched a collection that carries stylish, flattering NFL gear in team colors! I'm so excited about this that I don't know what to buy first. Aaand, let's be serious ladies, we all know guys love girls in jerseys, right?! They only offer 13 teams as of now, but I imagine they'll expand if this first round does well. Take a look at my top picks below. No hating on my team, either!

Sorry for the miniature images, VS is stingy with their photos! Be sure to check out the site to see if your favorite team is featured! Are you happy with the styles and selection?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's All the Hoopla?

I'm definitely a hoops kinda girl when it comes to earrings. I have all different styles and sizes, but my favorites are usually simple, medium-sized, and plain gold or silver. I've been looking for a versatile pair for fall that has a little something extra to them and I think I may have found just that! I came across these glam teardrop-shaped hoops at Antropologie and I'm in love. The colors are perfect to incorporate with so many pieces in my wardrobe and they're even sparkly! I'm going to keep looking for a fun headband, too!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mini Mazel

It seems like half of the girls I know are pregnant or have little ones right now. This hysterical onesie might have to be my new go-to gift for baby showers (replacing this one). I love Bravo and I love Andy Cohen even more (the mazel of the week cracks me up!). I'm counting the days until the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show extravaganza (only 6 more days). Have you seen the previews? Theresa pushes Andy out of the way to get at Danielle!


Seeing Spots

I kind of love/need this Alexander McQueen scarf for fall. It's leopard print and has his signature skulls mixed in too! Two fun patterns in one gorgeous scarf, what could be better?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Zoe What?

Don't freak out, BUT I've never seen an episode of the Rachel Zoe Project (I know, I know, blasphemous); however, Who, What, Wear's feature the other day seriously caught my eye and I do enjoy the daily Zoe Report. Plus, the fact that Brian Atwood is going to be on tonight's show has got me seriously questioning why I don't DVR this series. My question for all you Zoe watchers out there is: do I have to watch season one first or can I jump right in now? Do you all really DIE for it? Is it that uh-mazing that it can't be missed? What has everyone obsessed over Rachel Zoe?

P.S. I absolutely love the dress she has on in that picture! So classy.

Borrow From Your Boyfriend

Lately, I've really enjoyed flipping through all of the great fall fashion magazines that are in circulation. I get kind of giddy when the September issues start to arrive, mostly because they're thicker than all of the summer issues combined! One of my favorite trends is clothing and accessories inspired by menswear, including relaxed fit jeans, boyfriend cardigans, structured bags, and sophisticated glasses. I wouldn't recommend wearing everything at once, but a few pieces mixed into your wardrobe could look polished without being overly masculine. I'm especially loving those horn-rimmed glasses! Feeling really bold? Throw one of your boyfriend's oxford shirts over jeggings and cinch it with a cute leather belt paired with flats. Easy, right?!

blazer, watch, sweater, handbag, eyeglasses, jeans

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blame Michelle Tanner

Those Olsen girls seriously know how to pull on my heartstrings, specifically in the form of their clothing line, Elizabeth and James. The line somehow manages to combine menswear-inspired basics with a feminine twist absolutely perfectly. They offer everything from structured blazers to unique jewelry and some over the top statement items too. Have a look at just some of the things I'm crushing on right now.

shrunken surplus jacket

sequined sweatshirt

draped peep-toe bootie

tokyo chiffon blouse - first seen at Curly in the City

feather ring

cheyenne blouse

Do you love Elizabeth & James too? What's your fav piece right now?

Taking the Plunge

I have some very exciting news! After two years and five months (but who's counting) of living in my teeny Providence apartment, I am making the move across town to a much larger two-bedroom abode with a second floor porch and a little yard and a boyfriend. Yes, that's right, I'm shacking up starting next month. I'm really excited and looking forward to all of the adventures to come (as soon as packing is behind me).

I can't wait to get settled and start adding some homey details to his bachelor pad in the form of framed prints, a well-stocked kitchen, and maybe even some curtains. It's also a great opportunity for both of us to shed some unnecessary stuff that's been accumulating (magazines, anyone?). Bear with me, as posting may be a little sporadic, but I'll be sure to share some shots of the new digs come September. Oh, and if you have any favorite decorating/design/DIY blogs that you follow, be sure to let me know!

Better Than Pushpins

This is pretty much the coolest thing ever. It's a world map that you can scratch off different countries as you visit them. I would love to own one of these to hang in my apartment! The bright colors are just waiting to be revealed underneath that layer of gold foil! What a fun project to keep over the course of lifelong travels.

Seen over at A Cup of Jo.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cupcakes Gone Wild

Love these adorable animal print cupcake liners! What a fun way to dress up your baked goods.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Accentuate the Positive

This morning when I was checking up on my daily blog reads, I was really inspired by Emily's post about her favorite simple moments-life's everyday pleasures. This really got me thinking and throughout the day I kept making mental notes of some of my own simple moments and I wanted to share them with you. Then, it's your turn to make a top ten list of your own. Kind of like a "pay it forward" of happy little things, because it's nice to think of the positive aspects of our day-to-day lives.

1. When I can leisurely make dinner while listening to relaxing music, such as Etta James.

2. When I go to finish writing a report at work and find that it's already complete, I just forgot that I finished it!

3. When I'm out running errands and I see cute little kids in outfits they obviously chose themselves (i.e. last year's Halloween costume or cowboy boots with a tutu).

4. When a big group of my friends gets together and I pause for a minute to soak it in and appreciate each of them.

5. When my boyfriend brings me flowers for absolutely no reason.

6. When I catch my first glimpse of the bright green grass at a baseball game (especially at Fenway).

7. When I can hear my mom's laugh without seeing her.

8. When I play a really good game of Jeopardy.

9. When I smell something that instantly triggers an old memory (like fresh-cut grass or saltwater).

10. When my sisters and I spend time together-just the 3 of us. And maybe when we wear matching pj's on Christmas too (yes, still).

What's on your list? It's hard to stop at 10 once you get started!

image via we heart it

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jak & Jil

Love these shots of some of Christine Centenera's favorite things. She's the fashion editor for Harper's Bazaar Australia. Amazing pictures. Seen here on Jak & Jil blog. It's got me thinking about what photos of my favorite things would look like. Hmmm...

Bountiful Bangles

Alex and Ani

Marc by Marc Jacobs


Fenton/Fallon for J. Crew


I can't get enough of layering lots of chunky bracelets lately. I kind of feel like Miss Havisham when I go out with an arm full of jewels! It's a fun way to accessorize and you can minimize other jewelry so the bangles really stand out. These are just some of my favorite pieces right now.

Which ones would you incorporate into your look?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Toy Story Cuties

I wish it was my birthday right now because I'd order up some of these adorable Toy Story cupcakes. Lyndsay of Coco Cakes has done it again (she is waaay too talented)! I think the Mr. Potato Head is my favorite, but the little aliens are adorable too! Have you seen Toy Story 3? If not, you must go. It was hysterical and maybe a bit of a tear-jerker. I cannot get enough of these cupcakes, though. Hurry up, birthday!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Three's Company

I had a great time shopping and touring Montréal with my sisters and mom last week. I really felt like I was on a mini European getaway thanks to the little outdoor cafes and fabulous architecture. We did lots of walking, especially around the older parts of the city near the port and indulged in lots of great meals. My sister, Austin, surprised everyone with a little trinket to remember the trip by. Don't these bracelets look familiar? It's because I blogged about them here and had planned on getting them (eventually). Well, she beat me to it and pulled out four little boxes at the restaurant the first night we ate dinner. I was pleasantly surprised and I absolutely loooove my new bracelet. The four of us wore them for the rest of the trip and now every time I put it on I'll think of our bonding trip to Canada. Enjoy a few pictures from our adventure (taken by Austin)!

We were totally spoiled at the W Hotel. Gorgeous and so luxurious!

Pretty window displays along Rue Ste. Catherine.

Marché Jean-Talon in Little Italy neighborhood. It went on for so many blocks and showcased fresh, local produce.

Inside of la Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal. This was so ornate and absolutely breathtaking.

The girls with our Archive charm bracelets.

Thanks to my mom for taking us all on such a great trip and to Austin for our surprise bracelets!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cloudy With a Chance of Sparkles

It's extra gray and gloomy out today, which is fitting seeing as how it's my last day of vacation. I'm feeling especially drawn to muted neutral nail colors (mixed in with some metallic sparkles) as fall quickly approaches.

Butter London - All Hail McQueen. My favorite of moment.

American Apparel - Mouse.

RGB - Haze.

Essie - Chinchilly.

Alice + Olivia for MAC - Military. Fell in love with this at All Lacquered Up.

Chanel - Particuliere. What I'm wearing right now. Very versatile.

Which shade has your vote for fall?

top image via we heart it