Sunday, August 5, 2012

Brunch Diaries: Sunnyside

I love, love brunch. It's probably my favorite meal to eat out since there are so many options: early morning or late afternoon; sweet or savory; coffee or cocktails; poached or scrambled. I have some staple spots that I like to frequent in Providence, but Sunnyside is my new favorite destination brunch, located in Warren, Rhode Island. It's a cute little cottage perched right on the water with a bright, sunny dining room and outdoor patio. M and I felt that this was the perfect spot to bring my cousin, Leslie, who has been visiting for the weekend.
Each time I've come for brunch, I've had something different and I've yet to be disappointed. The grilled grapefruit served with local honey is carmel-y and juicy, the complimentary bites of fresh bread are sweet and served with homemade jams. I think my favorite dish so far has been the dutch baby pancake. It's the perfect mix of textures: light and crispy outside with a rich, custard-like center. Throw some fresh fruit and real maple syrup on there and you've won me over. I love the frothy, strong (and not too sweet) Greek frappe to start, but the mimosas and fresh juices are tempting, too. Also, the dum-dum pops that come with the check are a cute touch. I love little surprises like that!

Located right on the water with a lobster boat out front!

Brunch menu.

Leslie contemplating brunch items.

Frothy Greek frappe.

Yacht Club Cola: a Rhode Island staple.

Fresh baked bread with house made rhubarb jam.

Mediterranean breakfast with ripe tomatoes and hearty toast.

Dutch baby pancake with fresh fruit and real maple syrup.

I love how they present the check!


The Sunnyside: daytime dining.

Do you have a favorite weekend brunch spot?