Monday, February 1, 2010

Light My Fire

The smell of Voluspa candles makes me smile. They're never too floral or overpowering, but more sweet and subtle. I first came across this brand at South Moon Under while I was home for the holidays. I picked up one of the tiny jar candles in a limited edition fragrance (frost pinecone) mostly because I liked the packaging. The scent turned out to be a perfect blend of what I think of when I hear the word Christmas--piney and sweet, with a little bit of spicy cloves. Needless to say, I burned through that one pretty quickly. I went back and bought the larger tin of santiago huckleberry, which is what I've been using in my apartment for the past month or so and it's so relaxing. I get a lot of compliments on the fresh, citrusy scent and I really like how the candles look. In fact, all of the candles in the Japonica collection are lovely. They have creative combinations like cardamom fig and sage lemon flower. I can't decide on which one I'm going to try next! These are nice because they're pretty affordable, too. Not like some of the designer candles that cost upwards of $100 for just one! If you're hesitant about committing to one scent, try the sampler. They make nice hostess gifts!

Do you have a favorite scented candle?

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