Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let It Snow

So I've been enjoying my very first snow day this year by catching up on movies and reading but the only thing missing is the snow! We were supposed to get up to sixteen inches here in Providence starting at six this morning but it never came. Everyone was in a panic yesterday afternoon-schools closed and the grocery store was a mad house--but it was all for nothing! The snow actually just started falling about an hour ago and now we're only supposed to get about four inches. No sweat for the insane plow force here in New England. I've been texting with both of my sisters throughout the day (they're down in DC) and they have crazy cabin fever. DC has seen an astounding 30+ inches of snow in the past week! It's more than they even know how to begin to deal with. At least our new puppy, Carter, is enjoying himself!

Hope everyone is staying nice and toasty!