Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sister Love

I have definitely been missing my sisters recently. We don't get to see each other nearly as much as I'd like. I miss random shopping trips and fun nights out for dinner & drinks. Most of all I miss our inside jokes and laughing hysterically with them. They are so much fun! I wish they'd come visit me for a change.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Color Wonder

I ventured into Sephora yesterday afternoon with hopes of scooping up the new Tarte lip stain. Unfortunately, they were sold out of the color I wanted, but I still got to try it on and I loved it! I'm definitely going to order it from their website. Sephora is so much fun to go into, even though it can be a little overwhelming. I just love to look at all of the different colors and creative packaging that goes into cosmetics. Half the time I just want to buy something because of how it looks sitting on the shelf, nevermind how it's going to look on me! I'm especially drawn to the Philosophy section (because everything smells so good) and the display of Sephora's own line of eyeshadows and pencils. It's like my very own life-sized Crayola box! Seriously, I'm in a trance again just thinking about it. I have to limit how much time I spend in there, because I could spend 45 minutes just wandering around aimlessly. I also like the enticing little bins of goodies they have strategically placed near the registers. I always "happen" to find something last-minute that I need (mostly because it's miniature and cute). It's so much fun being a girl!

Do you love Sephora as much as I do?

Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm going through a crazy stretch where I can't make up my mind about anything. It's driving me crazy so I know I'm making other people crazy, too. Proof: I've had to text my mom twice this week just for a suggestion about what to make for dinner. Yikes! This isn't like me at all. Knowing that, it should come as no surprise that I cannot settle on a photograph from Stephanie Izzo's collection to add to my wall. I received a gift certificate at Christmas to order one of her photographs and here I am, two months later, still trying to make up my mind. I have decided that I definitely want something from her Rhode Island collection because it's been home to me for the past couple years. She has so many great shots of downtown, Waterfire, and even pretty coastal shots of Newport. I'm so torn! I'd love it if you looked at her website and helped me sort out this dilemma.

What's your favorite photo by Stephanie Izzo?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

It's been a gloomy, rainy week here in New England. All I can seem to think about is warm weather and sunshine. Today I came across these adorable Tory Burch sandals. The only problem is I can't decide which color I like the best! My first thought was the black because they would go with everything, but the more I look at the turquoise and magenta, the more I love the pop of color. The patent leather reminds me of jelly sandals that I grew up wearing all summer! Wouldn't these yellow ones look great with coral toes?

Where are you, Spring?


I don't have a very long attention span, especially when I'm sitting down at the computer, but this website is addicting! It's called Nymbler and it's marketed as "your personal baby name assistant". Not that I'm in the market for naming babies, but it's fun to look. Some girls keep lists of top ten boys and girls names long before babies are even on the brain. Others need some help with creativity and originality. That's where Nymbler comes in. You choose six "inspiration" names that you like (for a boy or a girl) and then Nymbler matches names that are similar to your top picks. They use a genetic algorithm called Hunch Technology to list computer-generated matches that should suit your personality.

It all sounds a little complex, but it's simple to use and it works! I really liked some of the names that they generated based on my "inspiration" names. You can also check out the Nymbler blog to see the most popular boys and girls names of the past months. It's fun to see trends in names and how many are unisex these days. There are celebrity baby name trends and fictional characters, too! Do Bella and Esme ring any bells? They've climbed to the top of the list in the past few years.

This could be applied to animals too, maybe?!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I had the pleasure of attending a co-worker's bachelorette party on Saturday afternoon at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Providence. It was a laid-back spa party complete with manicures, massages, and lots of wedding chatter. I also got to sink my teeth into my new favorite candy: coconut Hershey's kisses. They're limited-edition (of course) and they've been out since August so they're probably not going to be around much longer. I must get my hands on a bag before they disappear. Who even knew there were limited edition kisses?! They taste like miniature coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate. Yum! Someone at the party also said there were now coconut m&m's. Is this true? Have I been living under a rock?!

Have you tried these coconut kisses?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Indoor Graffiti

I love collecting all sorts of art work, from photography to screen prints and even simple sketches. Recently, I've been drawn to the idea of indoor graffiti because of its bright colors and bold designs. I feel like people are usually really divided on this style though: you either love it or hate it. I personally think the artwork produced by the Factory 101 studio in California is amazing. Sam (the Factory's artist) takes iconic figures from the '20s to the '50s and creates portraits using a stencil and spray paint. The outcome is truly unique-a modern take on some retro portraits. I love the above piece of Billie Holiday. Don't you think it would add a nice pop of color to a bare wall? There are also a few more contemporary subjects like Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga (love her!). Check out Sam's online shop too!

What are your thoughts on graffiti art?

Monday, February 22, 2010

De-Luxe Burger Bar

I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of burgers (I know, I know). I have, however, been dying to try one of Providence's newest hotspots, the Luxe Burger Bar. It's basically a build-your-own burger joint complete with shakes and some updated twists on the classic burger & fries combo. M and I tried it out over the weekend and were not disappointed. It's a casual place with lots of bright colors and burger-related pop art (a la Andy Warhol). I wish I had taken some photos, but it was pretty busy. The menu is fairly simple--you can order one of their pre-fab creations or design your own burger. You can choose from six different patty options (including chicken breast, kobe beef, and Ahi tuna steak) and then customize toppings, sauce, bun, and sides. It's a simple concept that has proven to be a really big hit. They also have a create-your-own mac & cheese dish (with add-ins like truffle oil or sun dried tomatoes), gorgonzola tater tots, and spiked milkshakes (marshmallow with Godiva liqueur).

I went with one of the burgers listed on the menu while M got to work filling out his burger order on the forms provided at each table. My choice: the Umami-a sesame/soy marinated tuna steak (seared rare) with wasabi mayo and ginger slaw. It was perfect. Seriously. I can't remember the last sandwich that even came close to this. M went with the gold label beef burger with sauteed mushrooms, muenster cheese, and chipotle mayo on a grilled bun. It looked pretty tasty and I know he enjoyed it. They even offer 12 different sauces for dipping your fries and onion rings! And, if that's not enough, they have a burger-eating challenge on the menu. It's called the Frankenstein and it's pretty scary: two burgers, a jumbo hot dog, double bacon, double cheese, with chili, cole slaw, & relish on two buttered rolls. If you finish it (solo), you win a t-shirt. It's kinda like Providence's nod to the show Man vs. Food. Luckily, we didn't see anyone attempting the challenge on our visit. Yikes. It was definitely a fun place and I'm looking forward to going back and maybe even building a burger of my very own.

What's on your perfect burger?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snap Shot

I've been on a big stationery kick lately and these great screen printed note cards combine two of my favorite things: paper goods and old cameras! This set of five cards each has a different vintage camera on it. I encourage you to check out the Two Guitars Etsy shop for more simple, yet creative screen printed card stock and notebooks. Although the cameras are what initially caught my eye, this anchor card is pretty sweet too. Don't you think it's about time to send someone a hand written note?

What's your favorite Two Guitars design?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bundle Up

It's still cold and wintry here in New England, but that's okay because I recently discovered the most adorable hats and mittens! I stumbled across the Knitwits collection at a record shop in Providence and I was instantly in love. Knitwits is based in Ontario and they've designed hats and matching mittens that look like different animals. My absolute favorite is the owl, with the penguin coming in at a close second. Their website is not the best, but if you google the company name, you can find other online vendors. The hats and mittens are made for the whole family and they seem to be high-quality products (made from New Zealand wool). I love them. I especially love the creative name of their company. I want them all!

What's your favorite Knitwit design?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Relax, It's Friday

I am so happy it's finally Friday. Even though it was only a four day work week, I am exhausted. These ferris wheel photos (courtesy of Beauty in Everything) are making me yearn for warmer weather and longer days. I love the bright lights and vivid colors! I have had quite a fun week. M and I spent all day Sunday together. We babysat for friends who have an 8-month-old baby (see pic below) so they could go on a nice V-Day dinner date (awww). I cooked up some yummy cioppino for our date night and was surprised with a Max Brenner box of chocolate goodies (including two hug mugs)! It was a great way to spend Valentine's Day with my sweetie. Monday was a holiday so I did something I never thought I'd do--saw Avatar. In 3D. It was pretty amazing (and long). I'm glad I saw it in the theater, though. It was visually impressive, to say the least.

My weekend started early-I received a fun package in the mail on Thursday. My high school buddy & fellow blogger, Tiane, sent me a starter bag of Amish Friendship bread! I'm so excited to "mush" the bag and gradually add all of the ingredients so I can bake up some of the delicious cinnamon-sugar goodness. I haven't done this in so long! The ten days of waiting for the batter to ferment and do its thing seems like an eternity! More to come on the outcome of that next week. I had a very busy week at work catching up from the snow day and holiday, but I was able to sneak out to grab lunch with my old roomie today. I just found out he's moving to LA next month-boo! We had a tasty meal and visited our friend Justin at Temple, an amazing hotel and restaurant in downtown Providence. Now I'm just catching up on some of the Olympics & my favorite blogs and listening to the new Sade album (which is super!). I'm looking forward to a fun-filled weekend with friends!

What are you doing this weekend?

Food Snob

Aren't these place cards great? I love dinner parties and I get excited by creative table settings. When we were kids, my sisters and I were always responsible for folding index cards and making name cards at Thanksgiving and other holidays. Sometimes we drew little pictures on them or jazzed them up with stickers and stamps. The set of 8 Food Snob cards from Greenwich Letterpress is a grown-up version of what we used to make. Each card features a fun fact or bit of trivia to get people talking at dinnertime. Each design is printed in a different color of soy-based ink. My favorites have to be the cheese snob and appliance snob. I think a little detail like this would make a fun addition to your next night of entertaining at home!

Do you have a favorite place card?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Knot Ring

I love the simplicity of this pretty silver ring. For a chance to win one, head over to Post Grad Hair Cut and leave a comment. The contest ends on Monday. Good luck!

Adiós My Little Casa

I'm slightly saddened today because my favorite player from the Celtics, Eddie House, has been traded to the Knicks. I will really miss cheering for him and all of his three pointers. He is an amazing clutch player and a lot of fun to watch. The sidelines won't be the same without his son jumping around either. Best wishes in New York, Eddie! You will be missed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Absolutely Wild

These cupcakes inspired by Where the Wild Things Are are so cool. In fact, everything over at Coco Cake is pretty amazing. I can't decide which cupcakes are my favorite. The Sesame Street ones are definitely up there.

Love the pandas too!

All of Lyndsay's creations are so detailed! Look at these little owls! I just wished I lived closer to Vancouver so I could order some of my very own!

Can you find a favorite?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands...

...Sweeney Todd, Jack Skellington, the Corpse Bride

What do these characters above have in common? They were all created by mastermind Tim Burton, who just happens to be one of my favorite movie directors/producers of all time. That's the reasons that I'm dying to check out his featured exhibit at MOMA in NYC (running until April 26th). It's a behind-the-scenes look at Burton's sketchbooks, sculptures, short films, and other goodies that have earned him a place in Hollywood's hall of fame. He is such an innovator and can't really be compared to anyone else. I have a lot of respect for his films. I love them all, from Big Fish to Pee-Wee's Big Adventure and pretty much everything in between. I even mentioned last week that I can't wait to see his take on Alice in Wonderland that's coming out in March. He is the kind of person I'd like to know more about and find out what inspires all of his crazy ideas and characters. I'm hoping to make a trip down to New York to catch the show before it ends in April.

Do you have a favorite Tim Burton movie?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Starry Nights

Aren't these constellation sheets just amazing?! I wish I had these when I was a kid. It'd be even better if they glowed in the dark! Pottery Barn Kids has some exciting theme rooms. They have everything from Star Wars to Barbie and even a pirate room complete with a boat-shaped bed! My favorite is the Dr. Seuss nursery. So creative!

Which is your favorite?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

St. Valentine

A life without love is like a year without summer. -Swedish Proverb

I hope you are all spending today with someone you love. I love love.

Loving and being in love make me happy. xo.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mood Lighting

I love wall sconces. I think they add an extra special touch to a room--more than just a floor or table lamp. They can really add a lot to a room or even tie into a theme. Here are some of my favorite finds.

I've been lusting after these pretty mirrored sconces from West Elm. I think they would be nice accents in a bedroom. Even more appealing--they're on sale for only $29 each. Yay!

I like this one too from Pottery Barn.

This magnifying sconce from Anthropologie is very unique and kinda has a Sherlock Holmes quality to it!

These twig sconces look like something my mom would like!

These look almost camp-inspired!

Which one is your favorite?

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things is one of my daily reads in the blog realm. They always seem to find fun & practical products that I love! This week, I was lucky enough to be part of their Friday feature. Every Friday they choose one reader and feature a list of their favorite things. Click here to check out my favorites. It was really hard to narrow it down to just ten things (I actually went over the limit!). Try it yourself!

What are some of your favorite things?

Spaghetti House

I loooove this shirt. It reminds me of my childhood. Let me explain. When I was growing up, my family went out to eat. A LOT. We probably went out to a restaurant as a family at least twice a week. One of our favorite little places was a place known to us as the Spaghetti House. It had a real Italian name but we never called it that. My parents started going to the Spaghetti House before they were married and we continued to go there at least once a week for years. The owner knew us and gave us the same table as often as possible. My sisters and I would always order cokes and garlic bread and the same entrees. Every time. For years. I can't even imagine how many birthdays, good report cards, and other special occasions were celebrated there.

They had an ancient jukebox that we hovered around while our dinners were cooking. I don't think the thing had been updated since 1988 or so. My dad would give us each a quarter and we would get to pick two songs. Austin always played Diana Ross & the Supreme's "Stop in the Name of Love" and Birch would "accidentally" play the Chipmunk's Christmas song (usually in July). "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" was popular, as was "Under the Boardwalk", but we always had one constant. Without fail, we always heard Dean Martin's "That's Amore." To this day whenever I hear the opening line 'When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's amore', I am instantly transported to the Spaghetti House, where I have had so many memories with my family. The restaurant has changed a lot over the past five years, but I think this shirt would be a nice way to remember all of those fun times.

Do you have a favorite childhood restaurant?


This has me very excited!

I can't wait to see this in 3D!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nautical Nelly

I love nautical ascessories and this bracelet is no exception. For a chance to win one of your very own, head over to Post Grad Hair Cut and leave a comment. Hurry, the contest ends on Monday!

Sweet Tarte

I am dying to try the newest lip product from Tarte. It's a lip stain (similar to their famous cheek stain) that provides all day coverage without the heaviness of lipstick. I'm a lip balm and gloss kinda girl and this seems like a nice alternative. Plus, it has some special new "LipSurgence" technology that guarantees to make your lips 6000% more moist. Yes, 6000 percent. Not sure how they figured that out, but it sold me. I'm a fan of the light pink color called Charmed.

I love trying out new beauty finds, don't you!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let It Snow

So I've been enjoying my very first snow day this year by catching up on movies and reading but the only thing missing is the snow! We were supposed to get up to sixteen inches here in Providence starting at six this morning but it never came. Everyone was in a panic yesterday afternoon-schools closed and the grocery store was a mad house--but it was all for nothing! The snow actually just started falling about an hour ago and now we're only supposed to get about four inches. No sweat for the insane plow force here in New England. I've been texting with both of my sisters throughout the day (they're down in DC) and they have crazy cabin fever. DC has seen an astounding 30+ inches of snow in the past week! It's more than they even know how to begin to deal with. At least our new puppy, Carter, is enjoying himself!

Hope everyone is staying nice and toasty!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Congrats to Drew Brees and the Saints for their exciting victory in Super Bowl 44! It was an entertaining game to watch & a meaningful win for the city of New Orleans! My favorite parts (other than the Saints' victory) were Brees' shots at the end holding his son, the Google commercial, and all of the Doritos commercials (so funny!). On the other hand, the halftime show was pathetic and Carrie Underwood's outfit made her look like a cheap hooker. Terrible! This was definitely one of the more memorable games in recent history. Hopefully I won't have to wait too much longer until the Redskins make it back to the playoffs! Geaux Saints!

What was your favorite part of the big game?

Sinner or Saint?

I spotted these cute plates depicting the seven deadly sins over at Etsy. Maybe it's my (morbid) time spent in Catholic school speaking, but wouldn't they be fun hung up in a kitchen? They're at least a great conversation piece to have! I think the 'greed' plate is my favorite--love the lettering. The same Etsy shop has some cute teacups emblazoned with labels like "geek" and "brat" for those not-so-subtle birthday gifts for friends (or enemies). Some pieces of the vintage china take it a little too far, warranting a "mature" category. All in all, a very creative shop.

Would you use these in your place?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cozy Cable Knit

Aren't these gloves beautiful! They look so warm and soft. I love the chunky cable knit! They make me envy all of the snow that's stunned the mid-atlantic this weekend.

Cake Confections

Why didn't I think of this? Seriously. It's a baker's dream. It's like the baking section at Michael's times a thousand. Layer Cake is a sweet online shop that sells all kinds of goodies related to baking, decorating, and packaging your homemade goodies. I am in love! I think one of the site's best features is the ability to browse through products by color or theme. Throwing a pirate party? You can order mermaid cupcake toppers and an anchor cookie cutter! They have some really cute cupcake wrappers (I'm partial to the gingham ones) and edible glitters for added sparkle. The cupcake kits would make a great gift for the baker in your life. Doesn't the hula set make you want to throw a winter luau!

What's your favorite item over at Layer Cake?