Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nautical In a Cinch

I'm loving this sailor-inspired belt by Jennifer Behr. It's so simple and elegant. Spotted at Taina Style. You have to check out the gorgeous hair pieces in the collection too!

Mumble Mug

Mornings would be so much more pleasant if I could enjoy them with this coffee mug! Why do I always discover the cutest things after they sell out?! Totally unfair.

Look Me In the Eye

I just finished reading a fascinating memoir by John Robison, brother of Augusten Burroughs (famous for the book Running With Scissors). The book chronicles his life with Asperger's syndrome and how it influenced his relationships, personality, and ability to function on a daily basis. His accounts of his thought processes were incredible and I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for him to actually write about it. He actually went through over 40 years of his life before finally being diagnosed with Asperger's. This was a challenge because he didn't have any physical symptoms or a "disability" per se, but he knew he was different from his peers. There was no research about the Autism spectrum when Robison was growing up so people just assumed he was socially inept. I give him so much credit for coming forward and telling his story.

As someone who works with kids on the Autism spectrum, it provided me with a lot of great insights. John struggled in school, but is a brilliant individual, especially in areas of engineering and machinery. He even went on tour with KISS in the 70s because of his knack for repairing broken amplifiers and incorporating pyrotechnics into guitar design. I highly recommend this book and Robison's website where he blogs about public appearances and current Asperger's research that he's involved in.

Have any of you read this already?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

American Idol Favorite

So maybe I'm watching American Idol this season. Don't judge me, judge the Idols! Tonight I heard one of my favorite performances so far. Andrew Garcia did a very unique rendition of Chris Brown's song Forever with his acoustic guitar. It sounded great and Andrew exuded confidence. He has a fabulous voice! Check it out in the video below. The video quality is terrible, but it's the only one I could find and the audio wasn't affected.

Do you like? Who are you cheering for?

Rainy Day Project

I just came across a fun DIY project for making these adorable paper owls! You could make bunnies or chicks instead, but the owls are my favorite. Check it out here.

Bean Boot

I know everyone and their mom has a pair of Wellies, but I'd like to take a moment to recognize one of the oldest boot traditions in the country: the Bean boot (made by L.L. Bean, of course). These duck boots remind me of my childhood because both my mom and dad rocked them year round. They're well-made and timeless, and are as good in snow as they are in rain. I've seen all sorts of knock-offs on the market, but nothing beats the real thing. Sure, they fall more on the "preppy" end of the spectrum, but when you're splashing around in puddles who cares? They're cute and functional and they've been making them for over 95 years, which really is saying something. I wish I had a pair, but I've never owned them. They sure would come in handy with the monsoon that's sweeping the East coast this week!

Do you like the L.L. Bean boot?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sous L'Eau

I love these whimsical underwater photos by Russian photographer Elena Kalis. Imagine specializing in taking pictures underwater! Aren't the Alice in Wonderland ones pretty? The girls look like they're having so much fun! Check out the whole collection here.

Earn Your Baking Badge

I have somehow managed to completely avoid the temptation of Girl Scout cookies this spring. That is, until I stumbled across this article on Chowhound. It's a DIY guide to whipping up some of your very own cookie treats. Not only do these cookies look delicious, but they have hilarious knock-off names like Left-Behinds, Slim Mints, and Fijis. I can't wait to try them out! I think the Fijis look especially tasty and the picture tutorials seem helpful.

Which ones would you attempt to make?

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Make your pet famous! How, you ask? Easy! Upload their picture at A Dog's Life and you can have custom wine labels made. I'm all about personalized gifts, and these are a great way to personalize a hostess gift or birthday present for the dog-lover in your life. You can also plaster custom labels on organic dog biscuits and jerky. I can't wait until I have a dog of my very own so I can spoil it (but not in that creepy, push-it-around-in-a-stroller kinda way). They have a great Dog Blog too where you can check out fun facts about different breeds and read about hot topics like microchipping your loyal friend.

Would you buy any of these products?

Gaga Dolls

I spotted this link at Happiness Is... and instantly became enamored with the 50+ variations of Gaga dolls. Veik (the artist) basically makes replicas of Lady Gaga's wild costumes and puts them on Barbie dolls. I must say, he is extremely creative and crafty. He really includes all of the little details, even down to dyed wigs, decorated sunglasses, and props. I encourage you to check out his Flickr set of photos. He isn't planning on selling the collection anytime soon, but he does offer some DIY tips so you can attempt to make a Gaga of your very own.Some of them look like they took a long time and a lot of planning. Check out the Hello Kitty gown below. Wow!

Which Gaga is your favorite? I can't decide!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Luxe-urious Travel

I couldn't resist these chic travel guides when I read about them on Tiane's blog. That girl definitely knows how to travel and to squeeze every little ounce out of a city in just a short amount of time. I had to take her word for it with these travel guides from Luxe. First of all, they don't look anything like touristy guides (like Fodor's or Michelin) so if you have your nose in one, no one will know! You can pose as a local, even if you have no idea where you're trying to go! That's definitely a plus. The purpose of these guides is to show you a city from more of a local's perspective. They don't cover all of the main touristy attractions, but instead give you inside info on places off the beaten path. Perfect, I know!

I scooped up the US travel pack that includes Chicago, Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. I'm a little embarrassed to say that of those cities, I've only been to New York. It's okay though, because I'm actually planning a trip back to NYC at the end of April, and I'll have my Luxe guide by then to steer me to some fun new places. My only disappointment was that there wasn't a San Francisco edition, because I'm planning a trip there for late summer/early fall. San Francisco seems like a city where it'd be nice to have a local's perspective. I'm looking forward to pouring over these books when they arrive next week. I will definitely keep you posted!

Oh, and if you hurry, you can get them at a HUGE discount at Gilt. I basically got four for the price of two. Yay!

Peeps & Co.

I just found out that there is an entire store dedicated to Peeps and all kinds of Peeps paraphernalia at the National Harbor in Maryland. I must go there! I don't even like the taste of the marshmallow treats but they're so cute (and iconic)! Who can resist their pastel shades and sugary goodness? I hear they have everything from Peeps pens to Peeps fine jewelry. I want to check it out when I'm home for a visit in April. The National Harbor looks pretty snazzy, don't you think?

Have any of you ever been there?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Foodie Notebooks

I adore these little notebooks from Bold Ideas. They're great to keep in your car or purse for those times when a great idea strikes you while on the go. Or, if you're anything like me, you can use them to jot down to-do lists and little reminders. I love fun notebooks like these!

Crayons Make Me Happy

I wish I was doing a fun art project today instead of work and tackling the towers of reports that need to be finished by this afternoon. At least I can look forward to the weekend! It's supposed to be chilly in Providence, not like the warm weather that we've had the past few weekends. I'll be happy to have some down time after a hectic week. I'm counting down to my visit home in April. Only three more weeks until sisterly bonding time, shopping, and catching up with old friends! I can't wait!

Do you have any fun plans this weekend?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Animate Me!

I would love to have a set of personalized stationery with my miniature cartoon portrait printed on top! How cute are these note cards?! You can get your own customized set at Rifle Paper Co. You can even get custom wedding announcements or calling cards. It makes me wonder what I'd look like as a cartoon. Hmmm...I hope I win the set from the giveaway at A Cup of Jo. That sure would be a nice way to start the weekend!

What would cartoon you look like?

Easter Owls

These mugs are too cute not to share! I think the purple owl is my favorite and they even come filled with candy. Yum! I love My Owl Barn. They somehow manage to find some pretty cute and creative owl-inspired products. Check out their blog! Oops, I almost forgot, you can purchase one of these limited-edition mugs at Rock Scissor Paper. Hurry, they're only around for another week!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chanel Summer Secrets

I'm so lucky to have great friends like Tiane, who just sent me a link to Chanel's hottest color for summer. It's a robin's egg blue shade known as Nouvelle Vague and I really, really want to get my hands on it. Unfortunately, it's not hitting stores until May, but I hope to snag a bottle. It reminds me of the pastel bottles of Hard Candy nail polish (with the little plastic rings on top!) that I used to buy in middle school. That makes me happy and full of late-90s nostalgia (yikes). I even like the other two colors in the summer collection, Riviera and Mistral (bright popsicle-pink shades). If anyone hears of this collection on pre-order please let me know. I must own it asap! Thanks for the info Tiane!

What do you think of the summer colors?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Love Marc (Jacobs)

Earlier this week, I got a fantastic e-mail announcing Bloomingdale's friends and family 20% off sale. I consider myself a fairly frugal and disciplined person (or at least I try) but I have this gigantic problem where I can't turn down a sale this good. I sometimes even use coupons at the grocery store for products I wouldn't normally buy because the coupon is too good to pass up. Silly, I know. Honestly though, sales like this don't come around every day (especially on designer items). So I've been perusing the Bloomies website looking for just the right items to add to my spring/summer arsenal. I haven't been too successful, but there are some Marc Jacobs items that have caught my eye. I love Marc Jacobs. A lot. Maybe even too much. I appreciate how much color he incorporates into his designs. Here's what I've fallen in love with so far:

From top to bottom:
Cosmetics bag
Card holder
Change purse

Can you help me narrow down my choices?

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I can't believe this is my one hundredth post! Wow! Time has just flown by since I started blogging back in January. I must say, I am having so much fun! I love meeting new people through my blog and exploring other fantastic blogs. I've come across tons of fun products, ideas, and of course inspiration since this site's beginning. Thank you all for following & for the great feedback!

Here's to 100 more posts!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Got Milk?

I have a not-so-secret celebrity crush on chef Tyler Florence. When I saw this ad my heart maybe skipped a beat or two. He is a very talented and generous guy (google his line of Sprout organic baby food). I'm off to enjoy a tall glass of skim on this Saturday morning. Yum!


I spotted these tasty treats over at oh joy! eats (a great foodie blog) a while back. I finally made it to Trader Joe's yesterday and let me tell you, these dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds are scrumptious! They're tart and tangy because of the pomegranate, with a little crunch from the seed, but chewy and sweet from the dark chocolate. It's kinda hard to explain. You just have to try them for yourself. I really love Trader Joe's. A nice "team member" came over to help me find what I was searching for and he even opened up a container of the seeds and gave me a sample to make sure I liked them before I committed to buying! Not many places will do that for you. The best part is, with all the antioxidants from the pomegranate and dark chocolate, you don't have to feel too guilty about eating them (in moderation, of course).

Do you have a favorite unusual snack?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Helping Haiti

Just spotted this tee over at Crewcuts and fell in love. Even better, all proceeds go to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. I love that the design incorporates Creole phrases. A perfect spring buy (that you can feel good about) for your little one!

Wonderland Goodies

I'm really looking forward to seeing Alice in Wonderland in 3D this weekend. I've heard really great reviews so far! I've noticed some fun products created in honor of the movie lunch and I thought I'd share them with you. Plus, it'll help me get even more in the spirit to go see the movie myself!

This box of treats is perfect for having your very own tea party at home. I love the Cheshire Cat macarons and mushroom meringues! The colors are so whimsical.

I spotted this collection of OPI polishes in Taina Style's tweets. I love the sparkly shades and clever names like Off With Her Red! You can get them in mini bottles as a set here.

Swarovski even got in on the action and released a limited-edition set of four necklaces with a tea-party theme. My favorites are the Cheshire Cat and a cute cupcake (of course!).

Have you spotted any other Alice goodies? Please share!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fish Scales

I love the textured look of these House of Harlow 1960 peep toe platforms and ballet flats. They make me want to reach out and touch my computer screen! Each scale has a thin gold trim that gives an overall luster to the shoe. I know the flats are much more practical for everyday use (plus the nude color is so versatile), but there's something so sexy about a peep-toe platform. They would look great with a Chanel Particulière pedicure! I am smitten with these unique shoes.

What do you think?

Kristin Clutch

The sun has been shining for three whole days in Rhode Island and I think spring is finally here to stay. This makes me so happy! Once the weather starts to get warm, I always want to run out and stock up on pretty dresses and pastel accessories. I love this clutch because of its soft shade of peach and clean design. Clutches are my go-to accessory for evenings out mostly because I don't like to lug around a huge over-the-shoulder bag all night. It also makes me downsize and only take the bare essentials along with me! I'm typically not a huge fan of Coach bags, but this one has a simple design and it's not covered in giant C's (which can get a bit tacky). Do you like? Ooh, it also comes in a bright turquoise or metallic gold.

What's your favorite spring accessory?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

C'est Magnifique

I am so intrigued/tempted by this opportunity. It probably isn't in the cards for me this summer, but I sure hope the chance comes around again. Amazing. Can you think of a better way to spend three days?

Vintage Trunks

I've decided that I'd love to own a set of vintage Louis Vuitton trunks to use as a coffee table, end table, or bedroom accessory. Too bad they're waaaay outside of my budget. I recently saw a pair at a great shoe boutique in Newport. The owner of the shop scooped them up at a yard sale for only $200! Can you imagine?! Those babies are worth well over $25,000 a piece. Yikes! I love the mix of vintage (LV trunk) and modern (zebra print rug & throw pillows) in Tommy Hilfiger's home pictured below. You better believe I'll be searching for a trunk of my own at local yard sales and flea markets this spring.

What are you lusting after to add to your home decor?

Get Pinched!

Although I am not Irish, nor do I particularly enjoy corned beef and cabbage, I'd still like to wish all of you a Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'll be making a green pesto sauce for dinner (just for fun) and perhaps some Irish soda bread. My grandma used to host a big dinner for the holiday and the soda bread was my favorite part of the meal. I hope you're all sporting a little bit of green to avoid being pinched by a leprechaun (isn't that how it works?). I know this juicy kiwi has nothing to do with today, other than the fact that it's green (and that's okay with me).

Here's to a lucky day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Perfect Mantra

Love this! I think I need the poster for my kitchen. Or maybe I could have small ones printed up and hand them out when people at work (or anywhere for that matter) start complaining. Cupcakes solve everything! Especially when paired with a glass of wine after a long day.

Sweet dreams!

I Scream for...Gelato?

One of my goals this summer is to visit this gelato shop in Newport. I've never actually tried gelato (I know, I know), but I love all of the pastel colors and unique flavors. Cold Fusion Gelato was featured on an episode of Giada's Weekend Getaway when she went to Newport. Some of their flavors are so unusual, like chai tea, Mexican vanilla, and pumpkin pie. I prefer sorbets (which they also have) in yummy fruit flavors like strawberry lemonade and pink grapefruit. The consistency of gelato seems really creamy and smooth. I can't wait to try it out once it gets warmer! I've even noticed brightly packaged gelato in the grocery store lately. I must really be missing out!

Do you have a favorite gelato flavor?