Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cake Confections

Why didn't I think of this? Seriously. It's a baker's dream. It's like the baking section at Michael's times a thousand. Layer Cake is a sweet online shop that sells all kinds of goodies related to baking, decorating, and packaging your homemade goodies. I am in love! I think one of the site's best features is the ability to browse through products by color or theme. Throwing a pirate party? You can order mermaid cupcake toppers and an anchor cookie cutter! They have some really cute cupcake wrappers (I'm partial to the gingham ones) and edible glitters for added sparkle. The cupcake kits would make a great gift for the baker in your life. Doesn't the hula set make you want to throw a winter luau!

What's your favorite item over at Layer Cake?