Thursday, February 25, 2010


I don't have a very long attention span, especially when I'm sitting down at the computer, but this website is addicting! It's called Nymbler and it's marketed as "your personal baby name assistant". Not that I'm in the market for naming babies, but it's fun to look. Some girls keep lists of top ten boys and girls names long before babies are even on the brain. Others need some help with creativity and originality. That's where Nymbler comes in. You choose six "inspiration" names that you like (for a boy or a girl) and then Nymbler matches names that are similar to your top picks. They use a genetic algorithm called Hunch Technology to list computer-generated matches that should suit your personality.

It all sounds a little complex, but it's simple to use and it works! I really liked some of the names that they generated based on my "inspiration" names. You can also check out the Nymbler blog to see the most popular boys and girls names of the past months. It's fun to see trends in names and how many are unisex these days. There are celebrity baby name trends and fictional characters, too! Do Bella and Esme ring any bells? They've climbed to the top of the list in the past few years.

This could be applied to animals too, maybe?!