Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cake Gloss

Remember how I said I loved cupcakes? Well, this is my new obsession of the moment! It's a cute miniature cupcake that opens up to reveal a pot of shimmery strawberry-scented lip gloss. I found it at a children's shop (of course) on my ski trip in New Hampshire (which I still have to blog about). I love little novelty items like this, they just make me happy. I bought the strawberry cupcake with pink frosting filled with pale pink gloss but there were several other types to choose from. I've never seen these anywhere before! Looking back, I wish I had gotten one of every flavor because I know I'm going to use it up in the next couple of weeks.Luckily, I found four glosses that can be ordered as a set here.

Wouldn't they make great favors at a little girl's birthday party?