Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Late-Night Laughs

I'm not a huge fan of late night talk shows. It's nothing personal against Letterman or Leno, I just don't usually stay up late enough during the week to catch these programs. That being said, I do have a certain affinity for Jimmy Fallon's show. I started watching it because I love the Roots and they're Jimmy's house band (side note-they do a fantastic job). I often set my DVR to record shows with celebrity guests who I like. I've grown to like Jimmy because he's not mean-spirited like those other guys. He actually comes off as a pretty nice, kinda nerdy guy who genuinely seems to be a fan of a lot of his guests. One of my favorite regular segments has to be the "Thank You Notes". It's hysterical! The music alone is enough to get me giggling. Jimmy will "write" brief thank you notes to groups of people, individuals, or even inanimate objects that have made the headlines during the week. Below is a clip from the most recent episode. There is a brief commercial in the beginning, but I promise, the Fallon clip comes right after.

If you like it, you can check out past segments here. Let me know what you think!