Friday, January 29, 2010

Ahh Relaxation

I've already had a nice start to my weekend. I finished up at the office a little early and went out with M to one of our favorite spots for lunch, Cuban Revolution. They have yummy empanadas and freshly made guacamole that's always delicious. I love the decor, too. The walls are adorned with huge canvases with graffiti-style portraits of 60s icons like Marilyn Monroe, JFK, and Fidel Castro. They're so bright and colorful. I wish I could have one for my apartment. Afterwards, M went to Friday night poker with the boys and I treated myself to a manicure. It's been a long week and I felt like I'd definitely earned some R&R. Plus, my new Chanel polish arrived in the mail on Tuesday and I was dying to see what it looked like. The verdict is in and I love it! It's such a unique color. I can't even explain the shade. It's in the taupe family, but from some angles it looks almost like an army green or grayish-olive.

I also browsed through Victoria's Secret and picked up this lip gloss heart ring. I couldn't resist! They had me at the colorful foil packaging. Yes, I'm a sucker. I picked the yellow ring, mostly because it's not the color I would typically choose. It's amazing how a little $5 trinket can make me so happy! I'm going to curl up with a blanket on the couch and catch up on some of my DVR'd shows from this week. I hope Grey's Anatomy was good last night!

How do you unwind after a long week?

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birch815 said...

a manicure is the best way to start a weekend. even if it is just to go home and catch up on tv shows!