Wednesday, January 27, 2010


These champagne flutes are so pretty! I first saw them advertised in Spirit magazine on my Southwest flight home for the holidays. When I finally looked them up online, they had already sold out. I keep checking their website to see if they've gotten more in stock. Sadly, I think they are gone forever. I know there are other models of double-walled glasses out there but I really like these because they look like little test tubes. The science nerd inside of me yearns to sip some bubbly out of them. If you ever come across them, please scoop them up for me. I will be indebted to you forever and ever. Plus, they will be the most unique pieces in my champagne glass collection (which is constantly growing).

A side note--Spirit magazine is fantastic. I wish I could get a subscription to it at home or else travel on Southwest once a month just to have the chance to read it. One of my favorite columns is the travel feature. They have a spotlight on one city and four different approaches of what to do in that city. You take a little quiz and they tell you the best things to do in the city based on your interests. For example, they might highlight outdoor activities, shopping trips, historical excursions, or adventurous restaurants depending on your answers. It's so clever! The only problem is I'm usually interested in doing all of the suggested things in each city. Oh well!

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birch815 said...

can this comment count as part of my wedding registry for the future? i need these! we should have them at W.