Friday, January 29, 2010

Listen Up

Urbanears has some headphones that I would love to get my hands on. I love the bright colors and the fact that there's not a brand name written all over them. My favorite ones are the sea foam green (they've dubbed it ocean). I've never been a fan of the little earbuds that come with ipods because they always fall out. These are great because they have a wide headband and look like they'll stay put. They even have a special jack where someone else can plug a set of headphones into them and listen to music with you! A great idea if you ask me. I can remember many car rides as a kid where my sisters and I would fight over sharing headphones. Problem solved! They even fold up to the size of a fist for easy storage in your bag. I have to give credit to Sam at Post Grad Hair Cut. She brought these to my attention as part of her Valentine gift feature.

The headphones have just recently arrived here in the US and they might even be carrying them soon at Nordstrom. For now, you get get your very own pair at Karmaloop. When I first saw them, I thought for sure that they were made by Apple, with the bright, simple design and all. I guess other companies are trying to appeal to those of us who can appreciate the sleek simplicity of monochromatic electronics.

Which is your favorite color?

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