Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chanel Nail Polish

I love Chanel. I mean, what girl doesn't? It's such an iconic brand that represents timeless class and elegance. I've recently starting paying more attention to their beauty products and not just the fantastic handbags and jewelry. One of my favorites is their line of nail polishes. I received a couple new shades in my stocking at Christmas (thanks Santa!) but I made the huge mistake of passing up the limited edition Jade color that was all the rage in their fall runway show. The color sold out worldwide in under an hour on their website! It can still be found on e-bay for over $100! Well, I am not going to miss the boat this time around for their spring collection! Behold Particulière:

It's the coveted color for spring (featured in Paris' Gala mag Au Courant pour 2010) and I just happened to stumble upon it on Nordstrom's website! It was released just last week and is already sold out on most websites I searched. I was able to pre-order 2 bottles so if anyone is interested let me know! It's a taupe hue with the faintest hint of purple. I cannot wait to try it on! It's supposed to ship out on the 20th of this month so I will keep you posted when it arrives.



kathybruton said...

Oh thank goodness Taylor! With your help maybe I can start the new decade with a better sense of style!! I didn't even know that Chanel MADE nail I'm already off to a good start! :)

birch815 said...

just so everyone knows, I have dibs on the 2nd bottle of nail polish!