Sunday, March 14, 2010

Liberty Scavenging

It's been another gloomy day here in Little Rhody, but it did not keep me from checking out the Liberty of London collection at Target. I made it this afternoon and was shocked to find so many empty shelves! All of the storage bins and gardening collection were completely gone! There were no more pretty floral spring scarves or trenches. I did scoop up a couple of cute picture frames and a keyhole blouse to add some color to my work wardrobe. I was surprised that there weren't more prominent displays of products. The Liberty collection was scattered throughout the store. I was dashing around (almost like I was on a scavenger hunt) looking for the big pink butterflies that indicated some of the collection. I was hoping to find a cute apron to wear in the kitchen, but didn't have any luck. Even the teal piggy bank I eyed up earlier this week was gone! There was a black and white one but it wasn't as cute as his peacock-feathered friend. I was definitely impressed with the quality of the items (and variety), but disappointed that it was so quickly picked over. Oh well! I'll know better for next time. There are already over 350 items on eBay, so if anyone missed out, you can search for specific things here. It appears that the Target website was ransacked as well!

Did anyone else visit Target today?

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Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Wow - I can't believe everything was ransacked like that in a few hours. Ha! I guess next time you should just stay in your PJs and order from the website the second everything is available. Hope you enjoyed your weekend (despite not getting what you wanted)! xo