Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Love Marc (Jacobs)

Earlier this week, I got a fantastic e-mail announcing Bloomingdale's friends and family 20% off sale. I consider myself a fairly frugal and disciplined person (or at least I try) but I have this gigantic problem where I can't turn down a sale this good. I sometimes even use coupons at the grocery store for products I wouldn't normally buy because the coupon is too good to pass up. Silly, I know. Honestly though, sales like this don't come around every day (especially on designer items). So I've been perusing the Bloomies website looking for just the right items to add to my spring/summer arsenal. I haven't been too successful, but there are some Marc Jacobs items that have caught my eye. I love Marc Jacobs. A lot. Maybe even too much. I appreciate how much color he incorporates into his designs. Here's what I've fallen in love with so far:

From top to bottom:
Cosmetics bag
Card holder
Change purse

Can you help me narrow down my choices?


tianevo said...

i vote....clutch!

Austin said...

def the clutch...funny, i almost bought it the other day. i never use clutches tho so i didn't.