Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bean Boot

I know everyone and their mom has a pair of Wellies, but I'd like to take a moment to recognize one of the oldest boot traditions in the country: the Bean boot (made by L.L. Bean, of course). These duck boots remind me of my childhood because both my mom and dad rocked them year round. They're well-made and timeless, and are as good in snow as they are in rain. I've seen all sorts of knock-offs on the market, but nothing beats the real thing. Sure, they fall more on the "preppy" end of the spectrum, but when you're splashing around in puddles who cares? They're cute and functional and they've been making them for over 95 years, which really is saying something. I wish I had a pair, but I've never owned them. They sure would come in handy with the monsoon that's sweeping the East coast this week!

Do you like the L.L. Bean boot?

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