Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just For Fun

Inspired by an article in this month's In Style magazine (the color issue), I opted for a non-traditional manicure to start off my weekend. I used Chanel's Riva (one of my favorites) on all of my nails, except for my ring finger, where I used Essie's Chinchilly. The verdict: I really like the look! I think it would be fun to choose colors in the same family, like hot pink with a pale pink accent finger. It was fun to change it up a little and I definitely got some compliments while out running errands. In other news, I am totally obsessed with the new way they brew chai tea at Seven Stars. It's spicy and frothy and it's making not having my morning coffee pretty bearable.

What do you think, would you experiment with this trend?

1 comment:

tiane said...

i love painting my nails like that! it's like you're adding a fun extra pop of color :)