Monday, May 17, 2010

Mischevious Miss Michigan

Last night's Miss USA pageant was somewhat uneventful, but yours truly did predict Miss Michigan as the winner very early on in the swimsuit competition. Twenty-four year old Rima Fakhi, the gorgeous Lebanese-American, was crowned Miss America 2010 and will be our representative for the Miss Universe pageant in August. She exuded confidence (perhaps due to her experience on the pole) and rocked her evening gown (which oddly resembled a wedding dress). She didn't even get flustered when she slipped a little on the full train of her skirt. I think she was definitely the best candidate in the top 10. Congratulations!

Does it creep anyone else out that these girls are supposed to be in their early twenties but often look like they're pushing 40?

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Maggie said...

Good grief, yes! I've always thought these women, while beautiful, looked much older than they are... maybe it is all of the make-up? Sometimes it's just creepy.