Monday, May 17, 2010

Dream House

Field of Dreams is near the very top of my list of all-time favorite movies. Anytime I'm flipping through the channels and it's on, I feel obligated to watch it. It's just that good and (for me) it never gets old. Ever. It's just a feel-good movie that parents should watch with their kids and couples should watch together. The story is amazing and it involves a lot of baseball history, which is great in my book. There are so many scenes that I've seen literally hundreds of times, yet they still give me goosebumps and stir up a little nostalgia.

Anyway, there is a point to this post. The farm in Iowa where the movie was filmed is for sale! The entire lot is 193 acres and includes the gorgeous old farmhouse and (best of all) the actual field of dreams that Kevin Costner built as part of the movie. I think it would be such a unique and special place to live. Sadly, I don't have $5.4 million laying around and I'm not sure I could survive in the middle of nowhere Iowa, but it's certainly nice to dream. You can read all about the farm and see more photos here.

What's your fantasy home?

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