Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Reading

Tis the season for summer reading! No, I'm not referring to that dreadful list that was passed out at the end of the school year that everyone put off until the end of August. I'm talking about trashy beach reads (and decent books, too) that are read leisurely by the pool, in a hammock, or anywhere relaxing (preferably near the ocean). I always feel like I read ten times more during the summer than in the cold months, possibly because it's more relaxing and I'm usually on vacation.

This year, I'm in need of your help. Do you have a favorite book that you'd recommend? It doesn't have to be something recent or award-winning, just entertaining and nothing too upsetting. I just finished reading The Art of Racing in the Rain, which was good, but somewhat depressing. I picked up L.A. Candy last week and it's been a nice, light read. Definitely nothing serious. I usually gravitate towards memoirs, interesting novels, and anything fashion-related. I'm not overly, picky though.

Go ahead, suggest away-I'm looking forward to new ideas!

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tianevo said...

have you read something borrowed & something blue?? one of my favs.

i also LOVE bergdorf blondes and all the kyra davis books oh and lauren weisberger's books.

that should last you a while...

do you have any suggestions for me?!

i was to read derek blasberg's book classy but i'm not sure if it's a book book or a manual type book.