Friday, June 25, 2010

Calling All Princesses

My friend Karen informed me that there exists a magical athletic event specifically for princesses. Yes, that's right, Disney (who else?!) hosts an annual Princess Half Marathon and Fit for a Princess expo. I seriously can't believe I've only come across this event today. Is it sad that it takes a princess theme to get me thinking about training for a half marathon? Don't answer that. Anyway, since I've been on such a health kick lately, I'm seriously considering signing up for this event, which is taking place next February. That means I have at least 8 months to get myself in gear and train for said race.

Imagine being cheered on by all of the Disney characters and running through the Magic Kingdom! Sounds like fun to me! The best part of the whole thing is planning what to wear for the actual race. Check out the photo gallery from the previous race to get some inspiration. I doubt this is the place for the Ariel costume I never had. Maybe Snow White would be a safer bet!

Let's dust off those glass running shoes and get busy!

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