Monday, October 18, 2010

Day Twelve: What's In Your Bag

I never bring a purse with me to work, primarily because I do a lot of home visiting and there's no need for excess baggage. Instead, I carry just my wallet and work identification. When I go out on the weekends to run errands or meet up with friends, this is what you'll typically find in my bag:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q satchel in a burnt orange: I love this bag (even though it's a little too oversized) and the color goes with most of my neutral wardrobe, especially in the fall.

Notebook: Right now it's a striped Liberty of London lined notebook from Target. I like to have a place to jot down grocery lists, reminders, etc.

Palmer's cocoa butter stick: This is hands down the best stuff ever. It makes great chapstick and I have tubes all over the place (car, desk, purse, etc.).

Nail file: I think this one was a stocking stuffer from last Christmas. I like that it has a little plastic case.

Mac Lipglass in Oyster Girl: This gloss is great because it goes on sheer and it lasts forever!

Pens: I prefer gel pens because they're quick-drying and don't smear like ball-points. I'm left-handed so I have to worry about that sort of thing. Right now I have a black one and a sparkly purple Gelly Roll one, just for fun.

Abas clutch wallet: I've had this wallet for at lease 7 years and I love it. It's a unique texture and color and I always get tons of compliments on it. Plus, it can double as a clutch if you really want to minimize and not carry a purse. I got mine from Nordstrom. There's a similar one here. I'll be devastated if/when it finally falls apart.

Gucci Bamboo Horsebit Sunglasses: These glasses are great because of their classic shape and tortoise shell color. I can literally wear them with anything. Plus, I love the bamboo detail at the hinge. Again, a Nordstrom buy.

Goody Elastics: I always have a at least one hair tie and headband in my bag just in case I want to throw my hair up in a ponytail. These elastics seem to work the best for my hair, but now I want to try the ones from Planet Blue, too!

iPhone charger: I try to always have this on hand because my phone battery is sometimes disappointing, especially when I'm listening to Pandora or playing Words With Friends a lot that day.

Keys: Pretty self-explanatory. Car, apartment, PO box, and my gym card and grocery store discount card.

Miscellaneous: I've resorted to throwing store coupons, business cards, and rewards cards that I don't use on a regular basis into a Ziplock bag. I used to carry them in my wallet, but then there got to be too many. I obviously need a better system because this just looks tacky. Hey, at least I showed you, right?!

Not pictured: iPhone (I used it to take the awful, blurry photo) and iPod with headphones, which is currently in the car.

I think that's everything I typically carry in my bag. There's also usually a pack of gum, but for some reason that didn't make it into the picture. I promise to get back on track with the Blogger's Challenge this week. I've been busy!

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Austin said...

ok, throw away the ziplock bag pronto!! i love that i picked out this bag for u and u wanted to return it a first - the color is so you, i knew it with all the neutrals u wear. i really do need to be a personal shopper!