Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day Eleven: Your Siblings

We've worn matching Christmas pj's for as long as I can remember!

I am very lucky to have two amazing younger sisters, Austin and Birch. The three of us have such different personalities, yet we share a lot of common traits as well. We all have an obsessive love for anything and everything Christmas, we enjoy shopping, and we're supportive of one another. Even though we don't see each other often, I like to think that we do a pretty good job of staying in touch and keeping up with what's going on in each other's lives. It's funny to look back on the times where we couldn't even be in the same room without getting into a fight, because now we have so much fun together. When I go home to visit, one of the highlights is always going out for dinner and drinks with just my sisters. I'm so lucky to have them!

Meet Austin Gayle

She's the middle sister in the bunch and she's definitely the biggest fashionista of the three of us. Austin was always the quietest and shyest growing up. She pretty much survived on fruit alone as a child and always had lots of freckles. Now, Austin has a degree in fashion merchandising and business and works for Simply Soles in Georgetown. I admire her great group of girlfriends and her ability to wear ridiculously high heels for long periods of time. She's also really good at scouting out deals and always comes up with the best finds from stores like Loehmann's and Marshall's. She loves exploring DC and trying new restaurants. She's not exactly a domestic goddess, and is downright helpless when it comes to anything having to do with her car, but she makes me laugh and I really wish she could be my personal shopper.

Meet Everett Birch

Birch is the baby of the family. She was always extremely quirky and goofy as a kid, and she was always making plans or up to something. She survived mostly on cheese as a kid (mozzarella sticks, mac & cheese, nachos), but now she's the most adventurous eater out of all three of us. Birch was extremely rambunctious and talkative at home, but was a quiet, hardworking student at school. She had hilarious ideas about things and once had a pet turtle shell that she kept in the back yard. Birch was always performing and looking for an audience (even if it was watching herself in a mirror). Now, Birch is a senior in college and already has several job offers. She is always on the go, and balances school and work (both full time) and a social life better than most adults I know. She is incredibly ambitious and goes after what she want (and usually gets it, too). I wish I had as much energy as she does!


Austin said...

That's funny - I just realized today that I've been driving around with a huge bolt in my tire. Good thing it didn't go flat! I think I'm the number one customer at the auto place. So maybe I know nothing about my car, but hey I can cook! And I can definitely out-shop both of you with my eyes closed. This is cute, love you!

birch815 said...

ahahah I'm literally rolling on my couch laughing right now - hilarious and so accurate for both of us!! I can't believe u mentioned that damn turtle shell haha that was forever ago. of course mac & cheese is essential to the bio of my life. don't let austin fool you or take the credit - I was the one who found the HUGE bolt in her tire this evening and went with her to the shop. this really is so cute though, love you taylor <3

tianevo said...

so cute! can i borrow them since i don't have any? :)

Austin said...

remember when birch legit thought she was a martian and drew out her whole alien costume and what she used to wear in outerspace - all on her kids menu one night out to dinner...hahah

yes tiane! we all need to go shopping together!

taylor said...

YES! omg she totally told us about her home planet. hilarious! don't steal tiane from meeee!!!

birch815 said...

ok that was at outback when I was maybe 7 years old. can we not post this stuff on the world wide web? gracias.