Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day Ten: What You Wore

I wish my closet looked like this.

Oops, I've kind of neglected the blogging challenge for the past few days. Fridays are casual at work, so I can wear jeans, which is really nice, especially because I spend most of my time on the floor playing with little ones. So on Friday, I wore my most comfortable, worn-in pair of Kut from the Kloth jeans with a plain grey long sleeved t-shirt from the Gap and sneakers. After work, I changed into a pair of Gap dark-wash jeans tucked into brown suede boots and worn with a white thermal tee to go out. To bed: Victoria's Secret PINK sweatpants and a long sleeved t-shirt with my old Red Sox hoodie (it was chilly!). Not the most exciting wardrobe day, but I do love fall clothes and layered looks.

Anyone have any good recommendations for basic tees/thermals that don't stretch out and lose their shape after being through the wash a few times? I used to like Gap ones, but the quality has really gone downhill in the past couple years, plus the fit is oversized to begin with.