Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day Thirteen: This Week, In Great Detail

This week has felt really hectic, even though nothing especially hectic has happened. I think the fact that the holidays are slowly staring to creep up on me has set in and there's so much that needs to be done first! I am in desperate need of some basic things for the apartment (like a coffee table) and still have some lingering cardboard boxes in the corners waiting to be unpacked. Monday through Thursday were pretty typical work days. I evaluated so many kids this week that the paperwork is overwhelming just to think about.

There were definitely a few perks to the week, however. My bff is visiting in Newport, so Marc and I drove down there for dinner on Monday (I know, Monday!) at one of our favorite restaurants, Salvation Cafe. It was by far the best Monday I've experienced in a long time and if you're ever in Newport, you absolutely have to go to Salvation. It's one of the best and most underrated places down there, a real hidden gem. On Tuesday I had yoga, which is always a nice way to break up the week. On Wednesday I made a really tasty chicken stir-fry with homemade peanut sauce and brown rice. Thursday was low-key and marked the end of Jersey Shore (which was pretty lame and uneventful). On Friday I ventured back down to Newport to hang with Bill and his girlfriend who was visiting from San Diego. I swear if he gets transferred to San Diego after Japan I am definitely visiting. No doubt about it. Marc and his friends went to a concert and one of his good college buddies stayed at our place for the night.

Saturday and Sunday were spent relaxing and recuperating from being up late on Friday. We managed to squeeze in some fun fall activities like apple picking at Barden's Family Orchard, the Hope Street farmer's market, Seven Stars coffee runs, brunch at LJ's (complete with sweet potato pancakes--I know), enjoying the fall foliage, planning a trip to Vegas (or at least discussing it), sushi (for me), and now football and kicking back. I picked up lots of fresh veggies when we were up at the farm so I'm hoping to make a healthy dinner. All in all, a very good week.

Is it just me, or is time flying?! I feel like Thanksgiving is going to be here before we know it and that means Christmas is right around the corner, too! So crazy!

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tianevo said...

agreed. as we get older, everything is all a blur and time flies by way too fast.

i hung out with abbie this weekend and her cousins live in CA and are friends with emily from cupcakes and cashmere! how cool is that?! i told them you are a big fan and they are going to pass the msg to emily :)