Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day Six: Your Day, In Great Detail

I'm writing about my day yesterday (obviously), seeing as how today is just starting...

6:40ish Woke up before my alarm, remembered it was Friday and instantly became happier. Packed Marc's lunch, got dressed, brushed teeth, etc.

7:15 Made myself oatmeal and sat down to eat breakfast, check e-mails, and read a few of my favorite blogs.

7:50 Cleaned up the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher.

8:20 Left the house to drop Marc off at work (his car was in the shop).

9:00 Arrived to my first work appointment of the day, which was hectic. Dad informed me that the child had already eaten two full-sized chocolate frosted donuts (great, thanks!).

10:15 Headed into the office for my second appointment. The family was a no-show, so I had some time to work on reports and make a few phone calls to set up meetings for next week.

11:50 Left the office to go to my third scheduled appointment for the day, which was also a no-show. Rough morning! Instead of going back to the office, I went home and got some paperwork done. For some reason, I'm much more productive at home. I think when there are too many people in my office it's a huge distraction. Especially on Fridays, because people are more social (or so it seems).

1:30 Went to the gym. Did 45 minutes of cardio and some circuit training. I felt really good after leaving the gym. Plus, the place was empty! It was a good time to go.

3:15 Stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up a few things for dinner.

4:00 Made a batch of peanut butter-chocolate bars for Marc's poker night.

4:30 Cleaned up the giant mess I made in the kitchen.

5:15 Realized I was going to be late to pick Marc up from work if I didn't hurry up and shower, but still put it off for five more minutes.

5:20 Showered and got ready to leave.

5:45 Left the apartment to pick Marc up from work. Sat in some traffic.

6:10 Arrived at the office. Marc wasn't finished with what he needed to do, so I waited.

6:35 Finally left his office. It was pouring down rain at this point.

7:05 Got back to the apartment and started making lasagna (also for poker night).

7:50 Put lasagna in the oven and repeated cooking instructions to Marc at least three times before leaving.

8:10 Stopped at the liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine.

8:28 Arrived at my friend's house and was greeted by her very cute, very entertaining 16 month old son, Justin. Played peek-a-boo and a stomping game that little Justin invented. Fed him some cut-up banana, which he smashed all over his tray (some even made it in his mouth!). Poured glasses of wine and watched Justin eat pieces of salad with ginger dressing from chopsticks--hilarious.

8:45ish Little Justin went to sleep. Glenda and I enjoyed some really tasty sushi from Wasabi and multiple episodes of Say Yes to the Dress (our Friday ritual).

11:30ish Realized I could barely keep my eyes open because I was getting so tired. Said goodnight to Glenda and headed back to my apartment.

Before midnight: Crawled into bed and waited for the coast to be clear so I could duck into the bathroom and wash my face & brush my teeth. It's tough to share one bathroom with 12 guys on poker night! I instantly fell asleep and was up bight and early again today!

Happy Saturday! Have anything fun planned?

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