Monday, August 23, 2010

Zoe What?

Don't freak out, BUT I've never seen an episode of the Rachel Zoe Project (I know, I know, blasphemous); however, Who, What, Wear's feature the other day seriously caught my eye and I do enjoy the daily Zoe Report. Plus, the fact that Brian Atwood is going to be on tonight's show has got me seriously questioning why I don't DVR this series. My question for all you Zoe watchers out there is: do I have to watch season one first or can I jump right in now? Do you all really DIE for it? Is it that uh-mazing that it can't be missed? What has everyone obsessed over Rachel Zoe?

P.S. I absolutely love the dress she has on in that picture! So classy.

1 comment:

tianevo said...

who are you?

get on the zoe bandwagon asap.

you should see the seasons before but it won't kill you to start now. just watch it. you will D.I.E.