Friday, August 20, 2010

Accentuate the Positive

This morning when I was checking up on my daily blog reads, I was really inspired by Emily's post about her favorite simple moments-life's everyday pleasures. This really got me thinking and throughout the day I kept making mental notes of some of my own simple moments and I wanted to share them with you. Then, it's your turn to make a top ten list of your own. Kind of like a "pay it forward" of happy little things, because it's nice to think of the positive aspects of our day-to-day lives.

1. When I can leisurely make dinner while listening to relaxing music, such as Etta James.

2. When I go to finish writing a report at work and find that it's already complete, I just forgot that I finished it!

3. When I'm out running errands and I see cute little kids in outfits they obviously chose themselves (i.e. last year's Halloween costume or cowboy boots with a tutu).

4. When a big group of my friends gets together and I pause for a minute to soak it in and appreciate each of them.

5. When my boyfriend brings me flowers for absolutely no reason.

6. When I catch my first glimpse of the bright green grass at a baseball game (especially at Fenway).

7. When I can hear my mom's laugh without seeing her.

8. When I play a really good game of Jeopardy.

9. When I smell something that instantly triggers an old memory (like fresh-cut grass or saltwater).

10. When my sisters and I spend time together-just the 3 of us. And maybe when we wear matching pj's on Christmas too (yes, still).

What's on your list? It's hard to stop at 10 once you get started!

image via we heart it