Monday, August 16, 2010

Vermont Polaroid Love

Just wanted to share a few shots from my Vermont getaway. It was so beautiful I could have stayed for weeks! I highly recommend the Wildflower Inn if you're ever in the area. The views were breathtaking, the staff was friendly, and the breakfasts were delicious (I'm still dreaming about those fresh blueberry pancakes). Most of all, I enjoyed having so much of my family staying in one place. I think we took over at least half of the rooms! The rehearsal dinner took place right at the inn under a big white tent and was so relaxing. I'm trying to rationalize another trip up in the fall when the leaves are changing. Can you imagine how great the foliage would be? Also, how cute are those turquoise coffee mugs?! I wanted to take one home!

A big thanks to my Uncle Bobby and Aunt Lynn for hosting such a fabulous weekend. And congrats to the newlyweds, Mike and Amy!


kathybruton said...

I had a thing for the breakfasts and the cute coffee mugs as well! How fortunate that you live within a reasonable distance from the Wildflower Inn--I would LOVE to go back in the fall...but the 12 hour drive (during the school year no less) just isn't feasible for a weekend... But that sure was a great time!!

tianevo said...

love the polaroids. i downloaded the app because of you!