Friday, August 27, 2010


I absolutely love football season. There's something about kicking back on Sundays and watching the games that screams autumn, tailgating, and fantasy football to me. That being said, I think the options for athletic apparel to support my team are somewhat limited. Most gear made for girls is either pink, rhinestone-embellished, or both (yikes!). Lucky for me and my fellow football-loving girls out there, Victoria's Secret has just launched a collection that carries stylish, flattering NFL gear in team colors! I'm so excited about this that I don't know what to buy first. Aaand, let's be serious ladies, we all know guys love girls in jerseys, right?! They only offer 13 teams as of now, but I imagine they'll expand if this first round does well. Take a look at my top picks below. No hating on my team, either!

Sorry for the miniature images, VS is stingy with their photos! Be sure to check out the site to see if your favorite team is featured! Are you happy with the styles and selection?

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Amber said...

Love it!! The panties are too cute!