Thursday, July 8, 2010

Video Game Vixen

This necklace instantly transported me back to the late 80s when my favorite local Mexican take-out place had a sit-down Pac Man game. It was amazing (duh) and I played so many fun games with my best friend Ryan while we waited for our taco orders. He always beat me, but I had fun cheering him on, especially when he got to the advanced levels. This necklace is simply a fun tribute to one of many (embarrassing) 80s trends. Sometimes I wish I owned a Pac Man arcade-style game nowadays. It's just one of those things that everyone seems to love and gravitate towards. Maybe someday!

What was your favorite old-school video game as a kid?

1 comment:

Taylor said...

HA! I would have to say Ms. Pac-Man and Frogger being my fav games of my childhood!

And Yes, I did wear Loubitans on my wedding! HEHE!!!!