Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beachy Keen

Usually by mid-July, I have at least a handful of beach days under my belt. Sadly, this summer has not been so beachy. I've only ventured out once (and that was just to stroll in the surf). I'm hoping to change that this weekend and actually spend a full day soaking up the sun, flipping through magazines, taking naps on my blanket, and cooling off in the ocean. I love getting up and out early to stake out some prime real estate and beat the crowds.

It's kind of scary that it's already late July. Where did the time go?! I always panic when the summer clothes get marked down (waaaay too soon) and fall clothes start appearing in stores. Did you know they're already advertising back to school gear at my local Staples??? It's complete madness! Good thing I have lots of vacation time coming up in the next six weeks. I can't wait to relax and recharge!

How is your summer going?

photo via we heart it