Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Adventures in Northern Michigan-Part One

I spent the early part of August vacationing in northern Michigan with M, my two sisters, and my dad. It was such a relaxing ten days spent reading by the lake, trying local restaurants, cooking leisurely meals at the cottage, and playing board games into the wee hours. My family has vacationed in Michigan since I was a little girl, and there are certain things that I have to cross off the 'to do' list every year, such as eating an ice cream cone from the Cool Spot and watching the sunset at the town's light house. This year we tried a few new activities that will surely be added to the long list of annual traditions. 

Freshly made doughnuts from Crescent Bakery. We always fight over the nutty crescents!

One of my dad's fish sculptures on display at the antique shop.

Scuba diver swimming into a trumpet.

Old encyclopedias for sale at the shop.

Horned fish sculpture suspended from the ceiling.

Vintage tabletop at Trick Dog, a local gallery and coffee shop.

Enjoying a cup of coffee and an oatmeal treat overlooking the harbor.

This definitely summed up our trip!

Overlooking Lake Michigan.

The Garden theater in downtown Frankfort. I saw ET here when I was a kid!

Sparklers on the beach at dusk.

Afternoon treat of coffee/hazelnut and raspberry gelato.

Morning dew collected in a spider web outside of our cottage.

My sisters swinging on the swings and eating ice cream on a cloudy evening.

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tiane said...

your pictures turned out great!

i really want one of those donuts.