Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's the New Post-It

What am I talking about? Pinning, of course! Erika Domesek (the mastermind behind PS-I Made This...) tweeted that exact line earlier today and I happen to be in total agreement. Yes, Pinterest is completely addicting, but it's also a great way of cataloging all of the amazing photos that you see on blogs, recipes you want to try, design inspirations, and wish lists for items you're lusting after around the web. I'm still getting the hang of how to use the site and organize my pin boards, plus finding new people to follow (like Maegan, Taylor, and Emily). You should definitely check it out and give it a try! It's so much fun.

1 comment:

tiane said...

ok so once i get caught up on everything i'll try to set this up.