Friday, May 20, 2011

Beauty Loot

I made the mistake of setting foot inside Ulta this afternoon. I seriously forgot how amazing a store it is. It's basically a giant drugstore that only carries hair care, makeup, and beauty products. Anyway, it's great and probably a guy's worst nightmare so I'm glad I didn't drag M with me over the weekend. I managed to make it out with only minor damage. I picked up a bottle of Big Sexy Hair shampoo, which I've never tried but have heard good things about. I also got a new, summery scented Philosophy body wash (coconut frosting), and of course, I had to get a couple of nail-related goodies. I finally found the leopard print Sally Hansen nail strips, so they were a must. They must be the most popular pattern because they're always sold out no matter where I go. Last but now least, I decided on a bottle of Essie's Tart Deco polish, which is a fun orangey-melon hue that I can't wait to try on my toes.

Sometimes a little impromptu shopping trip is the best way to start the weekend!

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