Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thirty Day Challenge

So as you've probably noticed, postings have been a bit sporadic on my end. I've been extremely busy with moving, work, and just day to day life. Somehow, in the past nine months I've gone from posting multiple times a week to just here and there. Tiane is having a similar dilemma (although she at least has a new job to blame it on) so we've decided to challenge one another to a 30 day blogging project. Check out her blog for all of the rules and basic overview.

I have to emphasize that this doesn't necessarily mean 30 posts will happen consecutively (I promise it won't), but it's still a goal to post more frequently with a more specific topic in mind. Basically, we're reverting to our high school selves and having a month of creative writing challenges, except this time we're choosing to do them. Yes, we're crazy & nerdy. If you're into the topics, feel free to comment or take the 30 day challenge yourselves! It's going to be fun, really!

The posting is kicking off this weekend so keep checking back for updates!

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