Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cookie Exchange

After reading about Joanna's old fashioned cookie swap, I haven't been able to get the idea out of my mind! It seems like such a fun, relaxed way to get together with a group of friends. Plus, as a hostess, you really only need to provide some cold milk (or wine) and a batch of your favorite type of cookie. That's a pretty simple party in my book (if you like baking, that is). I think this would be the perfect pre-holiday fete so that you'd have lots of new recipes to try once December arrived! I'd probably whip up one of the goodies below, or these amazing sweet potato whoopie pies from Sprinkles Bakes (a favorite baking site of mine). I think whoopie pies might just be the next big trend once macarons and cupcakes fizzle out. I've been seeing more and more variations of them popping up in magazines and blogs. What do you think?

images via tumblr, beauty in everything, and we heart it

1 comment:

tianevo said...

i would LOVE to do this. maybe next time you come home we can have a cookie swap :)

man. i wish you lived here :(