Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekend Snapshots: Parisian Invasion

Leslie getting ready to feast on sushi at Haruki.

Shared sushi-the Mexican roll with cilantro and fresh jalapeño.

Multicolored party.

George's at Salty Brine state beach.

Leslie in the surf.

Pre-dinner beach stroll.

Rocking the gingham and chambray.

Corona and seafood make the perfect pair.

Leslie + me out on George's deck.

Sunday morning Pinkberry run. Watermelon, please!

Neon nail polish at American Apparel. Their fall pencil skirts are perfect.

Souvenir shopping at Craftland.

Amazing grilled pizza with spinach + feta at Bob & Timmy's on Federal Hill.

As I said before, my cousin was in town for the weekend in mid-August. She goes to school and lives in Paris, but spends summers in the states. This was her third year visiting Providence and we had so much fun! It's great to have visitors, because we do lots of things that we wouldn't typically get around to doing.

Some highlights of our weekend:
sushi date at haruki. hope street farmers market. pb&j pinkberry. matching bracelets. clamcakes + chowder on the beach. live music out on the restaurant deck. putting our feet in the ocean. grilling up a breakfast pizza. silly photo shoots. iced coffee runs. shopping on westminster street. bob & timmy's grilled pizza. and most important = carrying on a fun summer tradition!

Can't wait to see you next summer, Les!