Monday, July 11, 2011

Friends Forever

I've been spotting more and more friendship bracelets around the blogosphere and in stores, so I was inspired to make some of my very own. After at least five failed attempts and multiple knotty messes of thread, I finally re-read the directions in this tutorial (for the millionth time) and figured out what I was doing wrong (a lot, as it turns out). I'm finally starting to get into a good rhythm and actually see a pattern! I can't wait to make a more complicated pattern, like a chevron stripe.

Between the clay bangles, Sally Hansen nail effects, and now these friendship bracelets, I've completely reverted into a 13 year old. Equal parts fun and embarrassing!

P.S. You have to see all the great friendship bracelets here. Maegan hates them, but she has some really pretty pictures.

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