Monday, March 14, 2011

Taste the Rainbow

Disclaimer: I have two photos today! I couldn't narrow it down to just one.

I managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Sprinkles before catching my plane this afternoon. Their cupcakes are just so good! Apparently, Monday morning is a good time to go. There was no line and I was able to browse around the shop a little more than when I was there Friday afternoon. The staff is great and they have so many cute products, including these take-home mixes in a variety of flavors, t-shirts, and even doggie cupcake treats. I can't wait to go back during my next trip home.

Cinnamon sugar is my favorite flavor. For now though, I'm on a serious cupcake break.

1 comment:

tiane said...

i was in the same dilemma yesterday! cupcake or gym photo? haha. cupcake wins.

i am ready to go on a cupcake break too :)