Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sweet Bites

I learned three things on my date night tonight: 1. Korean food is not as intimidating as it sounds. It's actually quite good if you find a friendly, authentic spot to try (like we did). And it doesn't hurt that they also serve decent sashimi. 2. My chopstick skills are getting really good. I didn't even need to ask for utensils once throughout dinner! 3. Finding a delicious crepe that doesn't involve chocolate is kinda hard. And disappointing. I did settle on the Nori (pictured above), a tasty crepe filled with sweetened apples and topped with brown sugar and cinnamon. Not bad, but the nutella one was calling my name.

I can't wait to have a productive Sunday! I have lots of errands planned.
How was your Saturday?

1 comment:

tiane said...

1. i love korean food. i can take you next time you're home :)
2. you are so fancy!
3. i can't believe you gave up chocolate. i would die. coffee is hard enough.