Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{Local} Celeb Status

So the headline is somewhat of an exaggeration, but I was featured on Yelp's main page as having the Review of the Day for Rhode Island on Sunday (cue all the 'smallest state' jokes). Honestly, I was probably a little more excited than I should have been. I sent out a mass text to all my local friends to check it out. I just joined Yelp this past December because I visited the site so often for restaurant/salon/shopping recommendations but had yet to put my own two cents in. So far I'm loving it! I've already made some fun connections and the community seems to be very close-knit (one good thing about living in a teeny-tiny state).

Follow my reviews at tthomas.yelp.com! I'm currently trying to scope out the best New England lobstah roll for when Tiane comes to visit. It's just really hard to judge lobster rolls when you're not a fan of lobster (crazy, I know). I'm trying, though, I swear! Check it out, Tiane's yelping, too!


tiane said...

congrats! i would have been super excited too!

i have always liked yelp and refer to it when trying something new. now, i like writing reviews now because you are on it and because i feel like i am giving back after reading reviews for so long. i find it extremely helpful when people list their "must have orders" in the restaurant reviews because i never know what to order.

keep up the good work! and as always, thanks for the shout out :)

birch815 said...

well that's neat. I don't have time to facebook, tweet, blog, yelp, and whatever else you do with my work and school. wish I did.