Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Obsession of the Moment

So last week it was orange Pellegrino (which I still love), but now there's a new obsession: dark chocolate yogurt-covered raisins. Specifically the ones by Sun-Maid. They are so yummy. And I don't even feel too guilty about eating them because they have fruit and fiber. It's better than eating a handful of chocolate chips, right? The funniest part is, I hate plain raisins. I actually only like raisins when they're mixed into cereals like raisin bran or granola. Well, now I know I like them covered in chocolate yogurt (which seems odd). I've never seen chocolate yogurt next to strawberry and raspberry at the grocery store. Oh well, they sure are tasty. You should try them!

I feel a weekly post coming on about my current favorite drink and/or snack.

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