Thursday, November 24, 2011

Little Thanks

After seeing Taylor and Taylor's posts about the little things that they're thankful for, I had to join in and complete the Taylor trifecta (cheesy, I know)! So here are 27 little things I'm thankful for right now (in addition to the major players: my family, boyfriend, friends, and health)

- surprise letters and packages in the mail
- reading a text from one of my sisters and being able to picture exactly how they'd be saying it
- caramel apples
- Sunday morning coffee runs and grocery shopping
- being tucked in at night
- Coldplay's new album
- sushi dates
- witnessing a parent's reaction to their child saying their first word or taking their first step at work
- cozy winter sweaters, mittens, and hats
- holding hands
- finally listening to Christmas music
- furry earmuffs
- cinnamon raisin Ezekiel toast
- encouraging fantasy football messages from my dad
- personalized stationery
- words with friends
- new bracelets, especially when they're sparkly
- Bayou Bakery's French press coffee and beignets
- accomplishing a home diy project on my own
- neat handwriting
- heirloom tomatoes
- the Muppet movie
- Pinterest
- Chuck Bass
- peppermint Pinkberry
- trying a new recipe and having it turning out really well
- mulling spices

What are some of the little things you're thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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