Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day Twenty-Six: Your Fears

I don't spend all day worrying or in fear of what may happen at any given moment. There are some things that I'm just naturally terrified of (and have been for as long as I can remember).

Being attacked by a shark. Highly unlikely, I know, but the thought still terrifies me.

Flying. I despise it, mostly because I had a lot of ear problems when I was a kid and I associate flying with pain and uncomfortable pressure. Any little bump of turbulence has me lunging into my neighbor's lap. Worst case scenario: my plane crashing into the ocean and being eaten by a shark. No bueno.

Death, but not so much dying. I'm more afraid of people who are close to me dying and having to live without them. That might be a whole separate fear but right now I'll just stick to death. The finality of it gives me the creeps.

Those are the biggies.


tianevo said...

ohhhh i forgot to add sharks to my list too! i always think shadows in the water are sharks and freak out. haha.

the southern hostess said...

That shark photo is terrifying. They're getting added to my list.