Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day Twenty-Seven: Your Favorite Place

I'm happy anywhere that I'm having fun with my friends and family. But I'm extra happy when I'm anywhere that stirs up some sense of nostalgia. The places that make me the happiest are:

Fenway Park. I realize this seems a little weird, but it really is a beautiful and historic place. I love thinking about all the baseball greats and generations of people who have passed in and out of the park.

The Greek Isles. Definitely the most beautiful place on earth I've ever seen. The beaches and architecture are gorgeous. It was hard to leave.

Home. Especially around the holidays when all of the decorations are up and there's a fire roaring in the fireplace.

Crystal Lake, Michigan. My family has been vacationing here since before I was born. It's a quaint little town right on Lake Michigan and it always reminds me of being a kid, splashing around in the water all day and getting to eat superman ice cream every night.

What are some of your favorite places?