Monday, January 10, 2011

Laundry List

I've been getting tons of use out of my new grocery checklists that Santa slipped into my stocking. They're pre-printed and separated into categories, so all I have to do is check off something once I'm out of it. No more milk? No problem, just put an X in the corresponding box. At the end of the week, tear off the list and take it with you to the store. Then you can hit every department (produce, dairy, frozen foods, etc.) and not forget that one pesky item or have to go up and down every aisle multiple times. Super convenient!

Get your own here.

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Ali said...

I love those notepads at Knock Knock. The grocery one is not only super helpful but much cooler looking than the bag of an old Target receipt.

I bought my husband the "Parking Citation" ones. Passive aggressive AND fun :D