Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day Twenty-Two: Something That Upsets You

This is more of a pet peeve than something that really upsets me, but I can't stand pedestrians who don't pay attention and just walk right out into the street without looking. Living close to Brown University, I encounter this problem on an almost daily basis. The funny part is, these kids are very bright, yet they don't even look both ways before waltzing out into traffic, oblivious of the oncoming Mack truck. No, really, I've seen it happen multiple times. It's like their parents never showed them how to use a crosswalk. Dumbest Ivy Leaguers on the planet.

My other pet peeve is people who talk really loudly on their cell phones at the gym. At my gym, there are signs posted everywhere that say "cell phones prohibited" yet there is always some jerk talking way too loud (usually about a topic that the rest of the cardio room doesn't want to know about). Oh, that colonoscopy that you had last week went well? Super! You must not be working out that hard if you can carry on a full conversation. The same goes for middle-aged men who are still wearing Everlast cutoffs to "lift weights" (I use that term loosely). C'mon! Even A.C. Slater has retired the Everlast gear. My final gym pet peeve: jeans. And even worse: jean shorts. That's not comfortable and quite frankly it's not good for your body. Wear something a little looser so you can breathe.

Whew, I feel better after getting all that off my chest. TGIF.

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tianevo said...

HAHA wow girl let it out!

i hate cell phone talkers at the gym. i haven't seen one in a while probably because i have been doing more classes lately but i know how you feel :(